Why choose us to host your Farnborough website?

We are established web hosting service provider We've been providing a premium UK web hosting services service from our shop in Farnborough since 2010. As our reputation has grown so has our customer base with the majority of our new customers coming through recommendations. We host web sites for both personal and business customers from all corners of the world, our clients trust us in what we do and know they are in safe hands with a company that has true experience in the industry..

No overcrowded web servers

With our years of experience in the Web Hosting industry, we're fully aware of our web server's limits and as a result we do not overload our web servers. When deciding the servers account limit we take into consideration the growth and expansion of existing websites.When you overload a web server you create performance problems and increase the risks of a service failure, this is why we don't place too many sites on a single server so there's plenty of resources available for high performance web hosting

Premium UK hosting facilities

Our servers are located within our private and secure rack space, connected to our premium network infrastructure offering redundancy in every aspect to ensure that our service remains online and at optimum performance.Having your website hosted UK makes your website faster for your UK visitors which can help improve sales, plus being on UK IP addresses is a plus for ranking higher in Google UK.